eFAIDA Technologies is a custom software development company with a solid technical background and a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges. We’ve supplied the most efficient custom solutions from scratch for US and European clients, including startups and growing companies. Our team ensures that your ideas and requirements turn into actionable products ready to take the market by storm.


Web and Mobile Software Development Services

Web Development

Comprehensive online representation has never harmed any business. As a top custom software development firm, we create responsive web products tailored to your goals and expectations. Vast experience lets us provide you with robust custom software development services to push your business along. Our team analyzes your requirements and develops entirely customized web applications. We apply the most advanced technologies to help you boost your business. Let us deliver superior and budget-efficient solutions that will take you farther and make you faster.

Mobile Development

A custom software development company with substantial experience, we create unique solutions to meet your brave business goals. Our proficiency in cross-platform and native mobile application development enables us to bring your next idea to life right away.


Custom Software Development Services


Custom Software Solutions
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • ERP Software
  • CRM, CMS
  • Web Portals and Social Networks
  • AI Software Solutions


Benefits of Custom Software Development

Top Grade Security

As a custom software development company with vast expertise, we know that bespoke software is better equipped against security and data privacy threats. We’ve built many applications and systems that meet the most stringent security requirements and protect sensitive data. Our team utilizes the most innovative technologies to ensure built-in security.


With custom software, you have what you need to focus on the target audience with precision. With years of experience, eFAIDA is ready to build products around your goals and include all the requirements. Our custom solutions ensure peak productivity and optimize business processes right for your company.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Custom software development lets you create solutions that keep flying once released to production. We ensure that your software program stays in sync with your industrial company and adjusts to any modifications on the market as long as you need.
Place space is no time limit for our custom software solutions.

Full Control

With custom software development, you invest in the product that will belong to you and no one else. eFAIDA's clients control and own the software without limitations and don’t have to pay licensing or royalty fees. So, instead of spending money on someone else’s software that has to comply with specific rules, updates, and functionalities, you can invest in your idea.


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom Software Development
Project Initiation
Business Analysis
Design Concept
Project Implementation
Quality Assurance


Our Custom Software Development Process
1 Stage
Project Initiation

We start by working closely with the client to understand the idea and establish clear objectives. Our company provides an experienced solution consultant who initiates an in-depth discussion with the project’s key stakeholders. Together, we examine every aspect of the project to build the software to fit the target audience and achieve business goals.


Deliverables:preliminary vision document.

2 Stage
Business Analysis

This stage involves the active cooperation of a business analyst and solution consultant. Together, they identify and map requirements for each development stage and define the project’s appropriate tech stack.


Deliverables:functional specification, design concept.

3 Stage
Design Concept

The solution consultant ideates how the custom software will look and function and aligns it with the client’s needs and expectations. By the end of the stage, we offer the design concept for further validation and approval. Positive feedback ensures that the offer is consistent with the project’s requirements.


Deliverables: design concept offer.

4 Stage
Project Implementation

Following the best practices of Agile methodology, we create the solution step by step. Vast experience allows us to break down the work into manageable chunks and establish a consistent development process. Our team works in iterations, or sprints, to deliver new features as defined by the functional specification.

Deliverables: source code, releases.

5 Stage
Quality Assurance

Our QA team applies proper testing methods and approaches to ensure that the entire project works as it should. We set up an effective testing strategy to assess critical project processes, detect bugs, and note possible code defects. Mature QA practices enable full compliance with necessary quality standards and user expectations.


Deliverables: source code, releases, tickets in the issue tracking system, workarounds.

6 Stage

We release the software into production and fix possible issues. Our cooperation doesn’t stop at that point; we provide comprehensive support and maintenance based on specific metrics.


Deliverables: working software.


Next-Gen Custom Software Development Services

Big Data

Backed by cutting-edge technologies and top talent on board, we ensure our clients can keep their data well-structured, accessible, and secure. Our experts make the most of Big Data, from high-volume data processing, and data mining to predictive analytics and BI so you can transform your business.

Big Data
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We use our vast expertise in AI software development to offer truly innovative solutions tailored to your industry’s specifics. Let us help you with custom AI and ML solutions to push the limits of reality, extract value from vast amounts of data, and address specific pain points.

Cloud Development

Our expert teams are ready to move existing systems to the cloud, build a microservices-powered cloud application from scratch, and deploy it into

Cloud Development
Custom Software Development on Steroids

Since 2016, eFAIDA has been providing senior-level dedicated development teams that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Our expertise lets us match you with the best technical specialists who integrate into your in-house processes. Backed by such a squad of professionals, we are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity.
Our exceptional custom software development services for US and European clients brought us wide recognition as a trusted technological partner.


Top-Tier Custom Software Development Company

Industry Expertise

eFAIDA applies extensive industry expertise to provide you with a superior custom solution to attain your business goals.

Our hands-on experience in AdTech, MarTech, EdTech, Linear and OTT TV, eCommerce, and Healthcare have made each application software developer a top expert in their fields.

Technology Proficiency

Vast experience allows us to provide you with a robust technology stack. We engage senior engineers with 8+ years of experience in several technologies, including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and others. We carefully examine your requirements and deliver a performant, stable, and reliable solution.

Transparent Process

A top custom software development firm, we establish a good rapport with our clients. At our daily get-togethers, we discuss the results and plan our further actions. We believe that a transparent environment and mutual involvement provide a shorter feedback loop and accelerate the development process.

Agile Development

We follow the best practices of proven Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to manage evolving requirements and ensure rapid deployment.
Our experienced Agile software development team has a proven process to reduce risk when iterations, plans, or roadmaps change.

Client-First Approach

A leading custom software development company eFAIDA, is hyper-focused on our client's vision and goals. We pick the right stack based on unique project challenges and adapt the process according to the exact needs. Our team knows how to bring custom software to market, empower workflows in your niche, and cut risks along the way.

Quality Control

eFAIDA accompanies custom software development with state-of-the-art quality management. Our team of QA experts partners with software engineers from the earliest stages to create and run tests along with product development. This commitment to quality helps ensure our clients’ custom apps comply with the best industry and quality standards.

Client Name
Creative Director/Partner at Bright Bright Great

BBG clicks with eFAIDA. We understand each other’s needs and work to get things done collectively. Working with eFAIDA has been fantastic, and we expect to not only continue but grow our partnership.


Extensive Multi-Vertical Expertise
Technical Documentation

Upgrade to Newer Levels of Customer Satisfaction with eFAIDA's Technical Documentation Service

Our high-quality technical documentation reflects your company’s commitment to creating concise and customized documents that can efficiently explain how to handle, maintain, and service a product. Read more about Technical Documentation>


Emerging Technologies Solutions

The definition of Web 3.0 is slowly coming into focus. For starters, Web 3.0 aims to be fully decentralized, putting content creation in the hands of the creators and not platform owners. In many ways, this is what Tim Berners-Lee originally envisioned when he created the web.

Emerging technologies Solutions

eFAIDA deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways.

Emerging Technologies Solutions is an emerging organization in the field of Information Technology Services and Solutions with enrich experience in local and gulf region. We offer a variety of Information Technology Services and Solutions.


World-class engineering talent ready to strengthen your in-house team

Looking to launch a successful eCommerce business and acquire more online customers addicted to your products or services? As a full-cycle eСommerce software development company, eFAIDA is ready to transform the way you sell online, provide an omnichannel customer experience, improve conversions, and expand your audiences. Read more about eCommerce Software Development>

Fintech Development

Being a fintech software development company, we combine financial expertise with innovative technologies to deliver outstanding fintech solutions.

eFAIDA has earned the trust of fintech startups and large financial institutions by providing robust and secure digital fintech products powered by latest technologies. We offer fintech app development services and dedicated teams for a variety of businesses like fintech start-ups, traditional financial and non-financial companies. Read more about FinTech>

Software Solutions

Since 2016, eFAIDA has been providing senior-level dedicated development teams that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Our expertise lets us match you with the best technical specialists who integrate into your in-house processes. Backed by such a squad of professionals, we are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Our exceptional custom software development services for US and European clients brought us wide recognition as a trusted technological partner. Read more about Software Solutions>


Choose What Suits You Best

This model is ideal for projects with vague or changing requirements. The client can adjust the product on the go and pay for the full amount of actual hours spent on development. The cost of custom software development is based on the pre-discussed hourly rate of each specialist.


In this model, eFAIDA sets up and manages dedicated development teams engaged entirely with the client’s project at a monthly per-specialist rate. It is the right fit for long-term projects requiring extensive technical background.


The model is ideal for small- and medium-sized projects with clearly defined and settled requirements, specifications and schedules. The cost to build software is fixed and discussed before the development process launch.


Tech Stack We Deliver


Solid experience goes hand-in-hand with mastering appropriate toolchains.
We use both cutting-edge and classic technologies.


Need Help? We've Got You Covered!

Software development is a process that unites a set of activities, including design, development, testing, and deployment of the software. In other words, the process involves all the tasks required for project completion, from conception to delivery. The process can also include re-development, support, maintenance, and other activities that produce working software.

One of the most common approaches to software development, Agile methodology, involves collaborative efforts of cross-functional teams that enable tangible business results faster than classic inflexible models. Agile software development promotes iterative development, close collaboration, continuous testing activities, and early feedback from end-users. As a result, an Agile software development team can ensure frequent releases, easy fixes and implement new features faster at the same time.

Software development comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the specifics of the project and its objectives. It is a complicated process with new areas and fields arising every year. But generally, we can distinguish between the nine common types of software development:
1. Custom software development
2. Web development
3. Mobile development
4. Data Science
5. Embedded systems development
6. API development
7. Desktop development
8. Game development
9. Cloud computing

Software development life cycle (SDLC) is a well-structured process of producing software that meets the requirements and quality standards. It involves a set of steps or phases, which reflect standard business practices of building software. Given below is the end-to-end SDLC workflow we employ at eFAIDA:
– Project Initiation
– Business Analysis
– Design Concept
– Project Implementation
– Quality Assurance
– Deployment.

A custom software development company like eFAIDA can help you build a unique and original solution that will make you stand out on the market. We translate your goals and vision into operational software that matches your specific needs, budget, and timeframe. The numerous advantages of our services include flexibility, exclusiveness, and top security of the custom-built solution.

The state of things in the software development world dictates that there is no universal answer to that question. It depends on how much money the client is ready to spend on a solution. A custom app like Uber can demand from $10,000 and up to $500,000. As no two software projects are the same, the final cost will depend on its functionality and features. Read our article to find out more about how to estimate software development costs.

We employ both traditional and cutting-edge tools to solve the specific challenges of our clients. eFAIDA's development team has years of experience in Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and Big Data, Cloud, and mobile technologies. Our expert problem-solvers will help you define the best tech stack for your project and provide specialists with relevant skill sets.

eFAIDA is a software development company with 10+ years of experience in creating custom solutions from scratch. We combine expert resources, tech expertise, and broad knowledge of different business niches, including eCommerce, AdTech, Linear and OTT TV, and EdTech. Our experience in selected industries, Big Data, web, and mobile development, has made our developers top experts in their fields. Whatever your challenges are, we have the right combination of skills and resources to implement your custom solution.

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