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Our wealth of experience and several successful projects enables us to provide you solution based on AI and Machine Learning algorithms. We address the digital demand of our clients and offer them creative yet powerful Artificial Intelligence driven solutions.

Our Process

End-to-End ML and AI Development Services

Let us guide you through the process of ingesting AI and Machine Learning capabilities into your business and software ecosystems. Our Machine Learning development company can deliver on that promise by providing full-cycle services for your particular needs. Together with your stakeholders, we will identify relevant internal and external data required to implement an AI-driven solution and elicit core requirements for the software and AI.

Our team will also assess the current infrastructure, analyze your company’s business processes and suggest optimization options using statistical data science modeling. Next, our AI and ML development company lets you reap the benefits of end-to-end technology implementation and integration processes. We will develop, train, retrain, and fine-tune custom and ready-made ML models to guarantee the fulfillment of the project’s requirements.
Deep technology expertise enables us to turn these models into fully-functional cutting-edge products that integrate neatly with other systems. Our data scientists and AI and ML specialists ensure that Machine Learning models work as intended without affecting the overall performance of the whole ecosystem.


Next-Gen AI and Machine Learning Services and
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Smart AI assistants and chatbots
  • Recommendation engines
  • Predictive analytics
  • Image and video intelligence

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We provide highly adaptive business solutions using data science, machine learning, and robust AI expertise.


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom Software
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Project Implementation
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Reap the Benefits of AI and ML Services
for Your Business
Meaningful Insights
Meaningful Insights
Meaningful Insights

AI and ML solutions can analyze and process massive amounts of raw and unstructured data and glean key insights that improve outcomes. As a result, companies can drive business-specific information about their processes, performance, associated risks, and customers. Moreover, they can understand hidden patterns and behaviors, which grants a more meaningful understanding of business and consumer needs.

Better Customer Loyalty
Better Customer Loyalty
Better Customer Loyalty

With the help of an AI & Machine Learning app development company, it is possible to eliminate guesswork when crafting personalized marketing campaigns. ML algorithms enable more tailored and personalized interactions with consumers, improve targeting, and predict churn. As a result, businesses can use that power to obtain loyal customers that stick to a brand.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

AI and ML technology tackle mundane tasks at a pace, quality, and scale that humans can hardly match. From defining customer needs to optimizing internal inefficiencies, AI application development services help to innovate digitally and respond to future needs. Consequently, they become an engine that powers growth, innovation, and business agility through real-time visibility into insightful data that influences all decisions.

Efficient Data Monetization
Efficient Data Monetization
Efficient Data Monetization

Business-related data represents an untapped value that can be monetized using custom AI solutions and ML algorithms. Once the data is put in the driver’s seat, organizations can find new customers, explore emerging market opportunities, reduce operational costs, and complete other tasks by analyzing the data.

Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions

With customers’ needs and expectations constantly evolving, AI and ML applications allow companies to respond to changes and deliver relevant solutions, products, and services. They adapt to fluctuating demands, but they also reshape user experiences in real-time using self-learning and self-improving ML models.

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

Efficient cybersecurity relies heavily on Machine Learning to prevent security breaches in real-time. Through expert ML and AI solution development, our specialists can recognize patterns in previous malicious activities or other security events, train models to learn from these events, and predict future threats.


Cloud Solutions We Use to Support AI and ML


Our Machine Learning app development company is ready to leverage one of the most comprehensive ecosystems for implementing AI and ML solutions. Based on your business case, we can use ready-made and custom-built ML models and deploy them in the cloud to meet all objectives. Amazon provides an extensive list of tools, services, and infrastructure choices for the media file and text analysis, accuracy forecasting, and personal recommendations: Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Augmented AI, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Translate, Amazon Personalize, AWS Deep Learning AMI Amazon Polly.

Google AI Platform

We rely on a suite of AI and ML-powered services provided on top of the Google Cloud Platform. Our data scientists and AI experts have years of experience creating, deploying, and maintaining Machine Learning models in the Google cloud.
We can use pre-packaged solutions, train them, and convert them into business-specific applications with the right features.

 Google AI Platform
Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

As an expert AI and ML software development company, eFAIDA provides specialists with varied skill sets to create, maintain, and deploy ML solutions in a secure and auditable Azure Machine Learning environment. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop features, we will be able to reduce the development time, implement new features faster, and extend the existing functionality with advanced capabilities.


Why Entrust Your AI Development to eFAIDA

Take Advantage of Our AI Competence

We have applied our expertise in Artificial Intelligence to create our approaches and work methods that allow us to deliver projects faster and ensure results that surpass the client’s expectations. AI and Machine Learning is a fertile ground for innovations, eFAIDA takes full advantage of them.

Improve Your Software

AI opens up new opportunities such as Predictive Analytics to identify potential risks and Recommendation Engines to improve client interaction for augmenting your software. We will implement AI in your project and will thus help you move ahead of your market competitors.

Increase Customer Engagement

We know tips and tricks used to attract more customers, and we will apply that knowledge while working on your project. We will find the most efficient solution for your and your (clients’)client's business, be it a chatbot, prediction algorithm, or recommendation engine.


Extensive Multi-Vertical Expertise
Technical Documentation

Upgrade to Newer Levels of Customer Satisfaction with eFAIDA's Technical Documentation Service

Our high-quality technical documentation reflects your company’s commitment to creating concise and customized documents that can efficiently explain how to handle, maintain, and service a product. Read more about Technical Documentation>


Emerging Technologies Solutions

The definition of Web 3.0 is slowly coming into focus. For starters, Web 3.0 aims to be fully decentralized, putting content creation in the hands of the creators and not platform owners. In many ways, this is what Tim Berners-Lee originally envisioned when he created the web.

Emerging technologies Solutions

eFAIDA deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways.

Emerging Technologies Solutions is an emerging organization in the field of Information Technology Services and Solutions with enrich experience in local and gulf region. We offer a variety of Information Technology Services and Solutions.


World-class engineering talent ready to strengthen your in-house team

Looking to launch a successful eCommerce business and acquire more online customers addicted to your products or services? As a full-cycle eСommerce software development company, eFAIDA is ready to transform the way you sell online, provide an omnichannel customer experience, improve conversions, and expand your audiences. Read more about eCommerce Software Development>

Fintech Development

Being a fintech software development company, we combine financial expertise with innovative technologies to deliver outstanding fintech solutions.

eFAIDA has earned the trust of fintech startups and large financial institutions by providing robust and secure digital fintech products powered by latest technologies. We offer fintech app development services and dedicated teams for a variety of businesses like fintech start-ups, traditional financial and non-financial companies. Read more about FinTech>

Software Solutions

Since 2016, eFAIDA has been providing senior-level dedicated development teams that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Our expertise lets us match you with the best technical specialists who integrate into your in-house processes. Backed by such a squad of professionals, we are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Our exceptional custom software development services for US and European clients brought us wide recognition as a trusted technological partner. Read more about Software Solutions>


Tech Stack We Deliver


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Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, especially computer systems, to mimic actions that require human-like intelligence. This concept also includes a sub-domain of Machine Learning, which comprises AI algorithms to learn from previous experience and adjust processes accordingly. With the help of AI and Machine Learning services, it is possible to replicate how human beings perceive the world and use that practice to derive insights from raw data and automate repetitive tasks.

AI systems function by matching large datasets with intelligent processing algorithms to detect patterns, anomalies, and required features in the analyzed data. Whenever the data processing cycle occurs, the system assesses its performance and adjusts to new inputs in real-time. As AI solutions can operate without interruptions, they can solve complex data-intensive challenges faster than human-operated systems. Hence, companies can leverage such capabilities and opt for expert AI and Machine Learning development services to reach specific milestones.

The best ML and AI tech stack should cover four layers behind the solution development and deployment:

  • Data collection with APIs
  • Data storage with Hadoop, Spark, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure Blob storage, and others
  • Data processing with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Spark, and others
  • Data reporting with analytics apps and dashboards.

Our ML and AI development company believes that companies can accelerate their digital transformation and optimize their operations through the following features:

  • Face Recognition
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Resources Management
  • Personalization
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text and image analysis, etc.

The cost of creating AI-powered software varies and depends on many factors. An experienced AI and ML development company can estimate your project by considering:

  • data quality
  • data type: structured or unstructured
  • data volume;
  • infrastructure costs;
  • accuracy of deliverables;
  • the need to purchase external data;
  • the need to create custom algorithms.

Contact our AI software development company and submit relevant project-related information. We will carefully assess all requirements and prepare a detailed estimate for your specific case.

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