Big Data and Analytics

Companies are using up more and more information to make informed decisions in order to beat their competition. Processing larger amounts of data require profound technological solutions, and that’s exactly where eFAIDA can step into the rescue. Be it a small application or a comprehensive platform-level project, our team will do their best to apply the entire Big Data processing toolset at their disposal and create a solution that will fit your specific business best.

Our Process

End-to-End Big Data Development Services

Although no Big Data services case is the same, it requires a comprehensive methodology to cover the full scope of the lifecycle.

Data strategy. The sure way to yield the best results from implementing data solutions software is to develop a straightforward roadmap based on current business needs. Our team is ready to explore and carefully examine the clients’ data and propose an optimal Big Data strategy to achieve this objective

Data management. Our Big Data specialists can aggregate, retrieve, clean, and validate raw data to make it fit for consecutive processing. We set up efficient storage solutions, adjust ETL processes, and implement the most appropriate backup and recovery strategies to enhance data reliability.

Data processing. Based on the nature of the Big Data problem, our specialists use different tools and techniques to generate meaningful insights from raw data. With vast experience in rendering Big Data analytics services, we implement efficient algorithms to identify discrepancies, anomalies, and recurring patterns in disparate data sets.

Data visualization. The insights derived from the previous action can be presented to business users at this stage. We translate and visualize the data in graphic form using various analytical interfaces, including dashboards, storyboards, and other data storytelling tools.


Choose What’s Relevant for Your Business
  • Architecture strategy and design
  • End-to-end data lake implementation
  • Big Data consulting
  • Data mining
  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Data migration and maintenance
  • Big Data optimization

Our Offering

Next-Gen Big Data Analytics Services and Solutions
Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics

Our Big Data development company knows how to provide the best assessment of what the future holds. We can observe current and historical data to predict upcoming scenarios using proven statistical techniques and cutting-edge algorithms. With us, you can obtain information that can help to reduce risks, optimize operations, predict customer behavior, and increase revenue.

Customer Analytics Customer Analytics

We enhance customer-related processes with insightful data about correlations and anomalies in user behavior across the entire lifecycle. Our Big Data implementation services facilitate informed decision-making, allow our partners to personalize their offers, and improve their bottom line.

Risk Analytics Risk Analytics

Whether you need to analyze root causes of liabilities, assess risk likelihoods to remove barriers to business growth, or improve overall business resilience, eFAIDA is here to help. With our expert predictive analytics consulting firm, you will be able to tackle a full scope of risk analytics tasks: from generic tasks to 100% custom, industry-specific applications.


What you can Get with Big Data Software
Drive Business Agility
Drive Business Agility
Drive Business Agility

Using our Big Data software development services, you can extract meaningful patterns and discrepancies between different data sets. Equipped with this knowledge, it is easier to predict future trends, uncover new business opportunities and respond to disruptions faster than competitors.

Automate Data Flows
Automate Data Flows
Automate Data Flows

Having a proper data processing architecture can automate routine processes and tasks. This frees up the valuable time of employees, which can get down to tasks of a more complex nature without delays.

Ensure Corporate Security
Ensure Corporate Security
Ensure Corporate Security

With Big Data, you can predict and prevent cybersecurity threats and enable large heterogeneous data sets storage processing. All this helps scan and examine the state of the internal and external data sources and synthesize the data 24/7. As a Big Data development company with years of experience, we can adjust your product to industry-specific security requirements.

Improve Customer Service and UX
Improve Customer Service and UX
Improve Customer Service and UX

Big Data allows for a continuous retrieval and analysis of customer data, which can be further used to enable the personalization of products and services. And with our backup, you can turn more visitors into loyal and repetitive customers and get ahead of close competitors.

Manage Risks
Manage Risks
Manage Risks

Using Big Data analytics in software development can help companies promptly mitigate risks and respond to potential hazards. Backed by accurate insights and predictions, our data science development company implements a proper risk mitigation strategy to improve efficiency, service level, and profitability.


With BI and data analytics, you will be able to break data silos into small chunks of valuable information. Consequently, you can use these insights to develop new strategies, products, and services and gain a valuable key to future innovation.


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom Software
Project Initiation
Business Analysis
Design Concept
Project Implementation
Quality Assurance

How to derive value from tons of business data?

Start by providing your high-level requirements so that we know your challenges, needs, and goals and advise the best solution for the case.

Technology Blend

Cutting-Edge Capabilities that Drive Innovation
Big Data

Data Science and BI

As a Big Data and data science development company with experience in technology-intensive fields, we can design a clear roadmap of data-centric activities in your company.
With us, you will be able to extract high-quality insights from establish and unstructured styles of data and turn them into the visually appealing descriptions and detection.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We help companies unveil their full potential by bringing together Big Data and AI/ML technology. Their convergence enables companies to foresee and capitalize on emerging business opportunities, explore consumer behavior, and surface unexpected insights from massive amounts of data.
With us, you will be able to unlock the full potential of this innovative technology blend and transform the way you work with large datasets.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cloud Development

Cloud Computing

Our team builds efficient real-time data processing workflows on top of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure to overcome the most critical Big Data storage, processing, and visualization challenges. Leverage a powerful combination of Big Data and the cloud to harness data storage reliability, resilience, cost-efficiency, and scalability.


Why Entrust Your Big Data Development to eFAIDA

Well-established development process

Drawing on decades of our developers’ experience, we have created a development process that’s ticking like a clock. It allows us to quickly get down to work and anticipate possible problematic areas to cope with hassle-free.


Almost all of our Big Data specialists are senior developers with a clear understanding of the industry. Their rich professional experience is a large store of knowledge indispensable for any successful project.

Love to overcome challenges

We have no fear to take on the most complex challenges and resolve them in the most efficient way. We have developed a system that generates 17 terabytes of marketing data and 2.5 terabytes of behavior logs per day and uses it for yield management. We love complexity but we do not like to stand still.


Extensive Multi-Vertical Expertise
Technical Documentation

Upgrade to Newer Levels of Customer Satisfaction with eFAIDA's Technical Documentation Service

Our high-quality technical documentation reflects your company’s commitment to creating concise and customized documents that can efficiently explain how to handle, maintain, and service a product. Read more about Technical Documentation>


Emerging Technologies Solutions

The definition of Web 3.0 is slowly coming into focus. For starters, Web 3.0 aims to be fully decentralized, putting content creation in the hands of the creators and not platform owners. In many ways, this is what Tim Berners-Lee originally envisioned when he created the web.

Emerging technologies Solutions

eFAIDA deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways.

Emerging Technologies Solutions is an emerging organization in the field of Information Technology Services and Solutions with enrich experience in local and gulf region. We offer a variety of Information Technology Services and Solutions.


World-class engineering talent ready to strengthen your in-house team

Looking to launch a successful eCommerce business and acquire more online customers addicted to your products or services? As a full-cycle eСommerce software development company, eFAIDA is ready to transform the way you sell online, provide an omnichannel customer experience, improve conversions, and expand your audiences. Read more about eCommerce Software Development>

Fintech Development

Being a fintech software development company, we combine financial expertise with innovative technologies to deliver outstanding fintech solutions.

eFAIDA has earned the trust of fintech startups and large financial institutions by providing robust and secure digital fintech products powered by latest technologies. We offer fintech app development services and dedicated teams for a variety of businesses like fintech start-ups, traditional financial and non-financial companies. Read more about FinTech>

Software Solutions

Since 2016, eFAIDA has been providing senior-level dedicated development teams that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Our expertise lets us match you with the best technical specialists who integrate into your in-house processes. Backed by such a squad of professionals, we are ready for challenges of any scale and complexity. Our exceptional custom software development services for US and European clients brought us wide recognition as a trusted technological partner. Read more about Software Solutions>


Tech Stack We Deliver


Solid experience goes hand-in-hand with mastering appropriate toolchains.
We use both cutting edge and classic technologies.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Need Help? We've Got You Covered!

With the help of expert Big Data consulting companies that have mastered the collection, analysis, and interpretation of large volumes of information, practically any organization can leverage the technology. It impacts a business in a couple of ways:

  • get insights into what customers want, what they will use, how they find you, and which obstacles they face when abandoning your offer.
  • analyze information on the go and make informed decisions.
  • improve internal efficiencies and operations by automating mundane but time-consuming tasks;
  • generate an additional income stream and increase revenue.

  • Big Data provides easy storage for businesses for reporting and analytics needs.
  • Big Data provides insights based on collecting and processing operational data.
  • It enables to optimize marketing campaigns by recognizing bottlenecks, accurate forecasting.
  • With Big Data solution services, companies can mitigate risks and enhance cybersecurity.
  • Banks, media companies, healthcare providers, and other organizations can detect consumer trends and predict their behavior.

eFAIDA is one of the Big Data software development companies with a considerable case history of projects involving high-volume data processing, data mining, predictive analytics, and BI. We’ve worked with innovative startups and large enterprises, helping them get the most out of their data investment.
Here are just a handful of the domains where we’ve used practical applications of Big Data:

  • Healthcare
  • eCommerce
  • EdTech and eLearning
  • AdTech
  • MarTech
  • FinTech

eFAIDA has provided professional Big Data services for clients in the USA and Europe for more than ten years. We never fear tasks of complex nature and love to resolve them in the most efficient way using a time-tested approach to software development.
Our hand-picked developers go through a thorough screening process where we evaluate their soft and hard skills and accumulated experience. We also ensure that our experts are matched with your domain, business culture, and project type. On top of that, we don’t charge any recruitment or service costs.

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