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The educational landscape is evolving, and we are here to assist you in transitioning to the new era of technology-enhanced training. Let us collaborate to spearhead eLearning marketing by delivering exceptional custom eLearning development services.


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Cutting-Edge EdTech Solutions That Impact the Market

Our tech experts introduce the opportunity to encapsulate existing legacy software, enabling its use on flexible open-system platforms through APIs. Leveraging wrapping technology, which preserves the code in its current environment, we provide low-cost and low-risk modernization for legacy systems, tailored to meet your specific needs.
We have the capability to transfer your current applications onto more efficient business platforms while retaining their existing functionality and business logic. Adapting the code to fit the new platform involves modifying system components until they can seamlessly operate in these fresh environments.
Choosing rehosting as the modernization approach involves relocating an outdated software system to modern hosting solutions with minimal alterations to the application’s features or functions. During the transition from legacy hardware to current open systems, we facilitate timely UI/UX updates, performance enhancements, and database migration without requiring reformatting. We adeptly port legacy software to virtual machines using our robust platforming and refactoring expertise, ensuring a future-proof architecture that’s cloud-native and based on microservices.
Our application rearchitecting services utilize exceptional tools and methodologies to transition from legacy systems with moderate risk. We serve as your strategic ally in migrating towards a new application architecture, simultaneously adapting the code to prepare it for more capable ecosystems.

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Learning Management Platforms

Learning Content Management System

Virtual Classroom Software

Online Course Platform

Mobile Learning Apps

Assessment and Evaluation Software

Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems

Educational Data Analysis


What You Can Achieve with Big Data Software Development


Utilize our expert Learning Management System (LMS) development services to bridge training gaps, automate workflows, elevate learner interactions through advanced technologies, and minimize ongoing costs. We go beyond simply developing and implementing necessary features; we strive to ensure it becomes a valuable asset for your business.


eFAIDA will assist in crafting a comprehensive Learning Content Management System tailored to your unique requirements. From content authoring and production to its reuse and multi-format delivery, this software can evolve into a singular knowledge repository for your company.

Virtual Classroom Software

In response to the diverse requirements of companies seeking to integrate Virtual Classroom software into their operations, we stand prepared to develop customized solutions for learners of all types. Leverage our extensive expertise in eLearning to ensure seamless access to your platform for all users, incorporating only the pertinent features for your online classroom activities.

Online Course Platform

Catering to diverse companies seeking to integrate Virtual Classroom software into their operations, we stand prepared to develop customized solutions for every type of learner. Leverage our profound eLearning expertise to facilitate seamless access to your platform for all users, incorporating only the pertinent features for your online classroom activities.

Mobile Learning Apps

Allow us to step in and assist you in accomplishing diverse educational goals through a custom online course platform meticulously designed for your brand. With our adept development team, you gain the ability to seamlessly add new modules, fine-tune each element of the course, and explore new revenue streams with advanced monetization models.

Assessment and Evaluation Software

Having amassed substantial expertise in mobile development over the years, eFAIDA is enthusiastic about leveraging this knowledge to craft exceptional mobile learning experiences. We streamline the process of incorporating cutting-edge technologies, integrating gamification elements, intelligent chatbots, and other innovative features into digital learning.

Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems

We unite the appropriate technologies and tools to address the assessment and evaluation requirements of your organization. Our team of dedicated professionals in the eLearning domain is poised to foster continuous innovation, enabling you to develop and scale your digital testing platforms effortlessly.

Educational Data Analysis

Leverage eFAIDA’s expertise in developing custom reporting and analytics systems to tackle intricate data challenges and expedite informed decision-making. We employ proven methodologies to design user-friendly reporting systems and dashboards, offering complete visibility into the learning process at local, state, and national levels.


When to Hire Dedicated Team

Years of experience in eLearning software development.

Intellectual Property rights assignment for the result of our specialists

Agile teams emphasizing continuous collaboration and feedback loops.

Development driven by usability considerations with a focus on UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience).

Efficient project delivery within the anticipated scope, timeframe, and budget.

Extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data.


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Our motivation is to build solutions that eliminate barriers keeping people from putting forth valiant effort work, and this is at the heart.
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