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We know how to digitally transform your business through enterprise software solutions that boost organizational agility and enable a sheer scale of business opportunities and competitive advantages. As an enterprise software development company with years of expertise, eFAIDA delivers bespoke digital platforms, products, and applications. Reap the benefits of digital transformation and innovation with custom enterprise software built with your specific needs and plans in mind.

Tailor-made solutions for large enterprises and growing companies

Individual digital transformation journey for your business

Dedicated development teams for your enterprise-wide challenges

We Build

Enterprise Software Solutions
Business Process Modeling
Business Process Modeling
Business Process Modeling

Our experienced team helps increase understanding of the organization’s processes, identify areas for improvement, and provide a clear picture of workflows. With us, you get a clear view of all your system interactions, operational processes, and organizational hierarchies.

Enterprise App Development
Enterprise App Development
Enterprise App Development

We craft custom enterprise software from scratch or work on individual components for existing systems. Our experts take your project from ideation to ongoing post-launch maintenance- no matter what stage your project development lifecycle is.

Out-of-the-Box Customization
Out-of-the-Box Customization
Out-of-the-Box Customization

We are here to meet the functionality gaps of boxed software to cater to unique processes and scenarios. We deliver custom add-ons, modules, and interfaces that do precisely what you need them to do.

Digital Transformation Services
Digital Transformation Services
Digital Transformation Services

We create solutions for new business processes or tune existing ones’ functionality for enterprises introducing technology change. To develop technologically advanced enterprise software applications, we apply next-gen techs like Big Data, AI&ML, and Cloud technologies.

Legacy App Migration and Modernization
Legacy App Migration and Modernization
Legacy App Migration and Modernization

eFAIDA's professionals switch their legacy systems to more innovative enterprise custom software that runs on modern platforms and aligns with new-age requirements. Let us re-engineer outdated systems from scratch and derive the most accurate and desired outcomes for your business.

Software Integration
Software Integration
Software Integration

We deliver a flawless and secure software infrastructure that brings together scattered and isolated systems. Our specialists ensure data interchange across all your enterprise applications and systems with the help of reliable APIs, microservices, and ample data integration solutions.

We Build

Enterprise Software Solutions

Business Process
Management System (BPMS)

Management (CRM)

Management System (CMS)

Resource Planning

Supply Chain
Management (SCM)

Human Resource
Management (HRM)

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Contact our experts, and we’ll make an in-depth analysis of your enterprise system individually.
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Benefits for Business

What you Get with Custom Enterprise Software

Automation and standardization of business processes across the organization

Data consistency across departments and enterprise productivity boost

Knowledge consolidation and instant access to the entire data landscape

Real-time access to actionable insights with custom reporting and data visualizations

Scalable infrastructure that supports rising traffic

Alignment with modern security, data access, and sustainability requirements

Increased fault tolerance under heavy load

Expandable storage that enables continuous data retention

Deliberate customization to meet every single need of the enterprise


Next-Gen Enterprise Software Development Services
Big Data

Big Data

Backed by cutting-edge technologies and top talent on board, we ensure our clients can keep their data well-structured, accessible, and secure. Our experts make the most of Big Data, from high-volume data processing, data mining to predictive analytics and BI so you can transform your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We use our vast expertise around AI software development to offer truly innovative solutions tailored to your industry’s specifics. Let us help you with custom AI and ML solutions to push the limits of reality, extract value from vast amounts of data, and address specific pain points.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Our expert teams are ready to move existing systems to the cloud, build a microservices-powered cloud application from scratch, and deploy it into


Why Entrust Your Software Product Development to eFAIDA

Technology Proficiency

Our developers serve a wide range of technologies, including Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and many others. We ensure that the delivered solution has all the features you need and is ready to work on any technical requirement.

Dedicated Teams

With 10+ years of practice, eFAIDA helps you extend software development capacities with quality talent.
Our dedicated development teams are ready to integrate smoothly into in-house IT departments and scale up and down if you have indicated additional requirements.

Research-driven UI/UX

As an experienced enterprise development company, we know how to build a transparent partnership with our clients. We use the best practices of project management to keep you updated about our progress.
Open communication helps to flag problem areas and engage stakeholders just at the right time.


Need Help? We've Got You Covered!

Enterprise software is developed to meet large organizations’ demands that comprise many different user roles, departments, and teams. They require specialized enterprise application software that supports business processes, workflows, reporting, data analytics, and other crucial activities. Unlike other types of software aimed at individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, it should be able to represent the highest level of performance, scalability, and robustness and perform certain business-specific functions.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Project Management Software

Organizations expect enterprise-level software to remove critical challenges and automate business processes along with other crucial capabilities. Large companies require efficient, scalable, robust, and secure enterprise business software, enhanced with cutting-edge functionalities:

  • Automated workstreams with cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence algorithms;
  • Data-driven decisions with Big Data processing, modeling, and analytics;
  • Insights and forecasts with robust Machine Learning capabilities.

Our enterprise application development process includes:

  • Project Initiation
  • Business Analysis
  • Design Concept
  • Project Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Support and maintenance

Our company has vast experience in custom enterprise software development tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of a large organization. We’ve helped many large organizations to transform their business processes digitally and can guide you on this journey as well.
With 10+ years of practice in business software development, we understand how to achieve scalability, efficiency, maintainability, and fault tolerance of your product. Our fine-tuned processes are coupled with the technical excellence of our team. As a top enterprise software development firm, we ensure the timely delivery of the software you can rely on.

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