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A well-thought out development process becomes your secret weapon.
Each stage in the process is vitally important as it contributes to the overall
project success.


Flexible Approach at Your Service
We apply Agile methodologies to achieve success and address the requirements specific to each project. Our team promotes transparency and ease of communication through Slack, Jira, and other tools. At eFAIDA, we believe in the client-first approach to development. We provide flexible options that respond to ongoing changes in the project workflow. You can choose between our several business and engagement models depending on your needs.


Select the Best Model for Your Project


We can take on full-cycle project development based on your requirement level. Our team will charge themselves with the quality and delivery of software product allowing you to focus on your business growth.


We can build and operate a dedicated remote software engineering team that will serve as an extension to your own in-house team. It can either be managed directly by your leads or have its own hierarchy and management reporting to your administration.


Choose What Suits You Best

This model is ideal for projects with vague or changing requirements. The client can adjust the product on the go and pay for the full amount of actual hours spent on development. The cost of custom software development is based on the pre-discussed hourly rate of each specialist.


In this model, eFAIDA sets up and manages dedicated development teams engaged entirely with the client’s project at a monthly per-specialist rate. It is the right fit for long-term projects requiring extensive technical background.


The model is ideal for small- and medium-sized projects with clearly defined and settled requirements, specifications and schedules. The cost to build software is fixed and discussed before the development process launch.


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom Software Development
Project Initiation
Business Analysis
Design Concept
Project Implementation
Quality Assurance


Development Process in Detail
1 Stage
Project Initiation

We start by working closely with the client to understand the idea and establish clear objectives. Our company provides an experienced solution consultant who initiates an in-depth discussion with the project’s key stakeholders. Together, we examine every aspect of the project to build the software to fit the target audience and achieve business goals.


Deliverables:preliminary vision document.

2 Stage
Business Analysis

This stage involves the active cooperation of a business analyst and solution consultant. Together, they identify and map requirements for each development stage and define the project’s appropriate tech stack.


Deliverables:functional specification, design concept.

3 Stage
Design Concept

The solution consultant ideates how the custom software will look and function and aligns it with the client’s needs and expectations. By the end of the stage, we offer the design concept for further validation and approval. Positive feedback ensures that the offer is consistent with the project’s requirements.


Deliverables: design concept offer.

4 Stage
Project Implementation

Following the best practices of Agile methodology, we create the solution step by step. Vast experience allows us to break down the work into manageable chunks and establish a consistent development process. Our team works in iterations, or sprints, to deliver new features as defined by the functional specification.

Deliverables: source code, releases.

5 Stage
Quality Assurance

Our QA team applies proper testing methods and approaches to ensure that the entire project works as it should. We set up an effective testing strategy to assess critical project processes, detect bugs, and note possible code defects. Mature QA practices enable full compliance with necessary quality standards and user expectations.


Deliverables: source code, releases, tickets in the issue tracking system, workarounds.

6 Stage

We release the software into production and fix possible issues. Our cooperation doesn’t stop at that point; we provide comprehensive support and maintenance based on specific metrics.


Deliverables: working software.


Need Help? We've Got You Covered!

The exact time-to-hire depends on the required tech stack and the availability of the developers. It takes from 2 weeks to 1 month to hire the right specialist. If there are no in-house developers on the bench, we can employ a specialist from a pre-vetted talent pool to meet the client’s demands. This model works best for long-term projects.

We try to respond to ongoing project requirements and adjust the team size in the shortest time frames. For that, we ask our clients to notify us at least two weeks in advance about the intent to increase or decrease the team size. As a rule, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to add new members to the team. But the duration of a recruitment cycle depends on the tech stack and knowledge of a specific framework, library, or business domain.

We thoroughly screen relevant candidates and assess their skills, previous project experience, and qualifications. After the preliminary screening, our best tech experts conduct technical screening to ensure the candidates are in sync with the client’s requirements.

For the last ten years, we’ve provided distributed teams to clients in the USA, Canada, and Europe. We haven’t mainly been affected by the pandemic as we know how to set up and manage an efficient remote work process. Currently, we use a corporate team management tool, which our team uses to track per-specialist time and automate administrative tasks. In addition, we conduct regular calls to connect with developers, track their progress, and keep the team tight-knit while apart. As a rule, our developers also use trackers and task managers on the client’s side, which eases the reporting procedure.

As a rule, our developers work with a 4-hour overlap with a PST time zone. However, the majority of our specialists have flexible working hours and can provide the maximum overlap as they value real-time collaboration above all.

We solve our challenges with different time zones by establishing clear communication guidelines. We have a schedule for our real-time meetings, including daily stand-ups, so everyone stays on the same page and plans their activities. Our team is also flexible when it comes to choosing communication tools. We consider our clients’ preferences or use the best remote management tools: Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Jira, and Microsoft Teams.

By default, our agreement contains clauses on data and code authenticity protection. Our company guarantees the execution of these conditions and outlines sanctions in case of breach of the contract.

By default, our agreement ensures that the client owns all code written within the project.

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