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We go beyond traditional IT staffing agencies by driving long-term value with the brightest remote developers. With our team augmentation services, you get top talent best suited to your business requirements and aligned with your vision and goals. We not only match qualified, experienced, and educated talent with companies but also engage and monitor resources throughout the development cycle.

Remote-first teams with 5% employee turnover

Middle and Senior-level specialists with expertise

24/7 transparent recruiting process

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When you want to deliver the project on time but lack expert resources to complete the task, it is time to consider IT staff augmentation. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is one of the most popular methods of outsourcing, which helps to expand your in-house team with outside talent and remove the pain points of traditional recruiting.

But now, when there’s been a dramatic increase in businesses going digital, the demand for development and support teams shows no sign of slowing down. The shortage of local talent with the necessary expertise and increased development rates make companies look for more credible alternatives than hiring in-house.

That is where professional IT augmentation services come to the rescue. With them, employers can access substantial benefits of hiring remote specialists: access to top talent, enhanced productivity, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and focus on employee health and well-being.
With over ten years on the market and a proven track record of sourcing top talent and delivering professional IT augmentation services, we serve our clients by operating high-performing teams that drive value in the long haul. We know how to supply the right fit to every type of project and retain the best talents, especially in the remote-first settings. Our IT staffing services fit those willing to ramp up a product team, add individual developers, and avoid costly recruiting fees.

Beyond Recruiting

How we Differ from IT Staffing Agencies
Benchmark IT staffing agencies eFAIDA
In-depth understanding of the project
Technical screening during the interview Seldom
Group interviewing with the team
Management of HR activities, employee
professional development
Mental health monitoring
Allocation of specialists
across departments
Free replacement
Fees 15-20% fee of annual developer salary/
one-time 100% developer salary fee
Tech background check Seldom
English proficiency check Seldom
Annual attrition rate more than 5% 5% max
Efficiency 95% of skill gaps aren’t closed due to the
lack of motivated recruiters
24/7 active search for candidates for
specific needs of the client
Legal/accounting assistance for employees
mployee perks: insurance, team building
activities, etc.

Our Advantage

Proven Recruiting Processes
Accelerated Hiring
Accelerated Hiring
Accelerated Hiring

We bring the best match for your requirements in less time using proven recruiting processes.

Extensive Talent Pool
Extensive Talent Pool
Extensive Talent Pool

We ensure a 24/7 hiring process that provides continuous access to an extensive talent pool of 5,000+ specialists.

Tried-and-Tested Strategy
Tried-and-Tested Strategy
Tried-and-Tested Strategy

We leverage a tried-and-tested strategy to screen, test, interview and submit suitable candidates to meet your demands.

Quality Recruitment
Quality Recruitment
Quality Recruitment

We thoroughly check each candidate’s technical, logical, and soft skills and present only those scoring high across all areas.

Regular Monitoring
Regular Monitoring
Regular Monitoring

We resolve any issues with training and retaining your IT staff, ensuring daily reporting and regular feedback.

Serving Your Needs

Why Choose IT Staff Augmentation?

Cut costs on hiring and retaining permanent staff

Data consistency across departments and enterprise productivity boost

Knowledge consolidation and instant access to the entire data landscape

Real-time access to actionable insights with custom reporting and data visualizations

Scalable infrastructure that supports rising traffic

Alignment with modern security, data access, and sustainability requirements

Increased fault tolerance under heavy load

Expandable storage that enables continuous data retention

Deliberate customization to meet every single need of the enterprise

Team Composition

Access a Full Range of IT Staff Augmentation Professionals
  • Front-end/back-end/full-stack engineers and developers
  • Big Data engineers and architects
  • DevOps and Cloud engineers
  • Testers and QA engineers
  • Business analysts
  • UX/UI specialists
  • Project managers


Tech Stack We Deliver


Solid experience goes hand-in-hand with mastering appropriate toolchains.
We use both cutting-edge and classic technologies.

Quality Recruitment

What We Look For in Each Candidate
  • Technical competencies and relevant industry expertise necessary for the project
  • Fluency in the primary methodologies (Agile, Kanban, Scrum, etc.)
  • Previous work experience
  • Compatibility with the company’s corporate culture
  • English proficiency, teamwork, and soft skills
  • Salary expectations, terms of start, and readiness to work in your time zone
  • Your individual preferences (e.g., preliminary test task)

Ready for IT staff augmentation?

Source and hire the perfect tech team for your company in no time with us! Write to us if you need to boost the development capacity or fill a gap in technology expertise.


Step-by-Step IT Team Augmentation with eFAIDA

Preparation: close interaction between our recruiters and the client


Screening: shortlisting of the best candidates who meet all requirements


Interviewing: verification of the candidates’ soft and hard skills


Feedback: collecting feedback and interview results


Selection: choosing the best candidates from the pool


Hiring: approving candidates and making job offers

Talent Pool

Your Options

Choose Your IT Staff Augmentation
Engagement Model


This type of contract is ideal for projects expected to change or one without place space in between requirements. The client pays for the actual work of the contractor based on the predefined hourly rates.


The model presupposes continuous collaboration within a software development project. With our team augmentation services, our developers and other experts are available at a monthly per-specialist rate.

Your Benefits

Why Opt For Staff Augmentation Services From eFAIDA?

Top-Tier Talent

With our staff augmentation services, you can access and work with the top remote software engineers in the IT industry. Let us fill the gap in the critical skills of your in-house employees with a wide pool of business and technology experts.

Dedicated Experts

Our vetted developers are 100% dedicated to your project. With that backup, you’ll free up important technical resources for other tasks and benefit from rapid IT staff augmentation at the same time.

Easy Hiring

With a pool of 5,000 remote tech experts, we can quickly find the right specialists to boost your project. In addition, our hiring process is constantly active for you to start your project immediately and promptly get an edge over the competition.


Our team augmentation services ensure the speed of solution delivery when project deadlines require a larger workforce. Increase the size of your development team without administrative overheads and overspending.

Peace of Mind

As a company focusing on IT staff augmentation, we remove all possible headaches of hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining staff for our clients. In addition, we evaluate employees by their performance, and conduct mental health monitoring check-ins, and other HR activities.

Saved Time

We acquire the best candidates faster with constant access to talented individuals already vetted and ready to deploy. Our clients can fully delegate hiring to eFAIDA so that you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, interviewing, onboarding, and retaining new employees.

Legal Protection

We Take Your IP Seriously
 We Protect  Sensitive Information We Protect
Sensitive Information

We consistently execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before engaging in a new partnership.

We Safeguard Your Intellectual Property We Safeguard Your
Intellectual Property

By default, our agreement contains Intellectual Property rights assignment clauses. It is based on the work-made-for-hire model. We never share your IP with third parties.


Our Work Speaks for Itself


Need Help? We've Got You Covered!

IT staff augmentation is a practice of temporarily adding outside specialists to internal teams to ensure on-time project delivery. Instead of hiring in-house employees with specialized skill sets, companies cooperate with IT staffing services providers to access and recruit top talent on-demand. Such a practice grants additional development capacity and lets you quickly fill the positions requiring rare expertise and skills, and remove administrative bottlenecks of the software development project.

Technical staff augmentation involves specific steps to yield the best results:

  • Preparation. An IT staffing firm collaborates closely with the client to take into account each detail of their request.
  • Screening of candidates. Technical recruiters shortlist potentially suitable candidates from their vast pool.
  • Interviewing. The task is to ensure the candidates are qualified enough to join your team.
  • Hiring. Upon the client’s approval, the most suitable candidate gets a job offer.
  • A thorough understanding of the business logic of the developed product
  • Integration of the new employee with the client’s team.
  • Ongoing support and nurturing.

IT staff augmentation provides only engineering resources to extend the development capacity of a company. The clients delegate this task to a trusted IT staff augmentation service provider while maintaining direct control over the team.
With outsourcing, the clients can hand over the entire project to third-party resources of another software development company. Thus, the client and the vendor create a partnership, sharing the burden of associated project risks and issues.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to opt for IT staffing services to fill the resource gap of their internal teams and scale effortlessly. First, it lets you expand your software development capabilities for a limited time without spending extra time sourcing and recruiting the best talent. Second, you remove the challenge of retaining skilled IT resources as their demand remains high as ever. Next, you don’t have to worry about overheads and other employee issues as you can delegate administrative tasks to one of the chosen IT staffing agencies.

There is no universal rate calculator for IT augmentation services. But you can estimate the approximate per-specialist hourly rate based on the following factors:

  • Job specification
  • Seniority and skills
  • Availability of specialists on the market.

Depending on that, average hourly rates range from $25 to $60 in our company.Take into account the required number of specialists, project peculiarities, and its duration.
Mind that we don’t charge any recruiting and administrative costs associated with hiring in-house employees in your company.

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