JavaScript Development Services

As one of the core Internet technologies, JavaScript is used for both backend and front-end
development. We will apply our JS expertise to create software tailored for your business needs.


Conception of JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level multi-paradigm scripting language used for the original World Wide Web development along-with HTML and CSS. One of the JS's most important features is its ability to create app logic directly in browsers, which makes it extremely popular now. Another feature is that JavaScript is supported by all modern web browsers, which makes the development process much faster and easier. JavaScript is being used by such market players as Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Google, eBay, and others.

Most often JavaScript works in combination with two technologies: Angular and React. Angular is a web application framework designed to create dynamic web apps. These days, more than 45% of front-end developers use that framework to create user interfaces. React is a JS library that can be used to develop single-page and mobile apps and to build user interfaces. Currently, there are more than 2 million open-source React repositories on GitHub.


Tech We Apply

We use JavaScript for years and know the right
tools to make the most out of it


ReactJS,, Bootstrap


JavaScript, TypeScript.


Browserify, JSLint, Mocha, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, ESLint


Express, AngularJS, Electron, Vue.js, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithril




Visual Studio Code, RJ TextEd, Light Table, NetBean, Brackets, Komodo Edit

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