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Conception of Mobile Development

Mobile development refers to building software solutions for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets,
watches, and others. Apart from the development process proper, that term involves mobile design
and QA. Generally, there are three environments that we utilize for mobile development.


iOS is an operating system created by Apple for its own exclusive use to provide a high level of standardization across all its devices. It makes the development process shorter and easier, and relieves developers from testing an application on 40+ screens. eFAIDA can build apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and a range of other Apple devices.


Android is an open ecosystem that allows engineers to develop and deploy Android apps using any platform. That system also provides simple customization and integration options, making the implementation of new features easier. With Android, eFAIDA can develop apps that run on phones, tablets, Smart TVs, and a variety of other devices.


Cross-platform apps are a decent choice when you are limited in time or resources and you need to launch an app on several mobile platforms faster. Hybrid app development cuts down on development effort, allowing for faster time-to-market at the expense of non-native user experience. Nonetheless, maintaining a single code base is easier, providing obvious advantages for the engineering team.


Tech We Apply

At eFAIDA, we know what technologies are best suitable for a particular platform.
This allows us to deliver comprehensive on-time and reasonable-budget solutions.


Java, Eclipse, Kotlin


Swift, Objective-C


RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch


C++, HTML5, React Native, Xamarin, Apache Cordova


MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Maven, Gradle, Flyway, Liquibase

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