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Swift, dependable, and efficient AdTech solutions guarantee accelerated achievement of business objectives for various stakeholders such as AdTech firms, digital agencies, publishers, and brands. We specialize in tailoring end-to-end AdTech solutions and providing ongoing support services. With extensive experience in building and maintaining scalable, high-capacity systems, coupled with a profound understanding of the AdTech sector, we stand as an indispensable ally in materializing your concepts!

Custom Solutions for Large Enterprises and Growing Businesses

Personalized Digital Transformation Journey for Your Business

Specialized Development Teams for Your Enterprise Challenges

Advantages for Businesses

What You Receive with Custom
Enterprise Software

Automating and Standardizing Business Processes Throughout the Organization

Consistent Data Across Departments and Increased Enterprise Productivity

Centralized Knowledge and Immediate Access to Entire Data Landscape

Accessing immediate insights through tailored reports and data visualizations.

An adaptable infrastructure capable of handling increased traffic.

Compliance with Contemporary Security, Data Access, and Sustainability Standards

Enhanced Fault Tolerance During Heavy Loads

Scalable Storage Supporting Ongoing Data Retention

Intentional Customization to Fulfill Every Enterprise Need
Require assistance with your AdTech project?

If you seek specialized support for your AdTech project, we’re here to assist. Share a concise overview of your project, enabling us to craft a tailored proposal aligned with your needs.


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Demand-Side Platform

Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

Ad Exchange

Ad Server

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Header Bidding Wrapper and Adapters




As seasoned industry experts, we’ve successfully launched our own AdTech platform, the Adoppler Trusted Marketplace. Through our sister company, Adoppler, we offer a comprehensive video monetization solution catering to the needs of streaming media services, video publishers, vMVPDs, media agencies, AdTech, and media startups. Utilizing an impartial universal auction, our platform optimizes your inventory’s yield, surpassing traditional waterfall ad serving methods. Adoppler enhances value by providing unparalleled diversity in both supply and demand, granting access and management of direct, programmatic, and third-party partners. The Adoppler Trusted Marketplace guarantees efficient monetization of video, CTV, and OTT inventory.

When to Hire Dedicated Team

Complete project execution and ongoing support

A completely transparent customer interaction process

Concentrate on specialized solutions for online advertising and marketing.

Extensive expertise in AdTech and MarTech sectors

Extensive background collaborating with top-tier AdTech and MarTech firms

Dedication to implementing Agile best practices

A strong commitment to adopting Agile best practices.

Daily reporting with all details of the project

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