eFAIDA Technology specializes in tailor-made custom software development to meet a particular business’s unique needs and requirements. We’re broadly enthusiastic about our motivation, and it makes them transform everything.


Web and Mobile Software Development Services

Web Development
Having areas of strength for a presence is generally a help for any business. As a main tailor-made programming improvement organization, we offer comprehensive web development services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our experienced developers work closely to create a website that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly.
web and Mobile Software Development Services
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
The surge in portable rush hour gridlock has provoked organizations to look for particular versatile solutions to stay cutthroat. We provide a complete range of services for application design, integration, and management throughout the entire lifecycle. With a Blend of High-Standard Mobile Programming, We help global brands build superior digital products enabling seamless user experiences all over the world.

Custom Software Development Services

Development and Testing

API Development


Mobile Development


Custom software




Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions


Benefits of Custom Software Development


In custom Solutions, you can zero in on the main interest group with accuracy. With years of experience, eFAIDA is prepared to fabricate products around your objectives and incorporate every one of the requirements. Our custom solutions guarantee top efficiency and improve business processes appropriate for your organization.
As a custom software development organization with years of experience, we understand that tailor-made software is better prepared against security and information protection threats. We build various applications and software that meet the requirements and ensure the protection of information. Our team utilizes state of art innovation to ensure security.

Enhanced Security

Full Control

Your investment goes into a product exclusively owned by you. Clients of eFAIDA have complete control and ownership of the software without any limitations or the need to pay licensing or royalty fees. Instead of spending on third-party software bound by specific rules, updates, and functionalities, you can direct your investment into your unique idea.
At eFAIDA we provide custom software solutions that enable you to create systems that endure long after their initial deployment. We ensure that your software remains synchronized with your evolving organization and adapts to any market changes for as long as you need. There’s no time constraint for our tailored programming solutions.

Maintenance and Support


Our Custom Software Development Process


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom Software Development

Big Data
With advanced technologies and a team of top-tier experts, we prioritize structured, accessible, and secure data management for our clients. Leveraging Big Data capabilities, we excel in high-volume data processing, data mining, predictive analytics, and business intelligence, empowering your business transformation.
Big data
Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning
Utilizing our extensive AI software development knowledge, we deliver innovative solutions customized to your industry’s unique requirements. Allow us to assist you with personalized AI and ML solutions, pushing boundaries, extracting value from extensive data sets, and resolving specific challenges.
Cloud Development
Our skilled teams are prepared to transition existing systems to the cloud, construct cloud applications powered by microservices from the ground up, and seamlessly deploy them.


Since approximately 2016, eFAIDA Technology has been offering senior-level devoted development teams, empowering organizations to achieve a competitive edge. Our engineers empower us to seamlessly integrate top-level technical specialists into your in-house work processes. Our team is well-prepared to tackle challenges of various scales and complexities. Our outstanding custom software services for clients in the US and Europe have procured us widespread recognition as a reliable technological partner.
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Top-Tier Custom Software Development Company

Client First Approach
As a leading custom software development organization, eFAIDA remains intensely devoted to understanding our client’s vision and goals. We carefully select the most fitting innovative technology stack based on the project’s particular challenges and tailor the cycle to meet exact requirements.
Agile Development
We embrace well-established agile methodologies, including scrum and kanban to manage evolving requirements and ensure rapid deployment. Our meticulously trained agile software development team follows a demonstrated cycle to mitigate risks when emphasizes, plans or roadmaps undergo changes.
Industry Expertise
eFAIDA utilizes broad industry knowledge to deliver outstanding custom solutions aligned with your business goals. Our experiences in AdTech, MarTech, OTT, e-commerce, and the medical sectors have sharpened each of our application software developers into experts within their respective fields.
Enterprise-Wide Software
As experts in custom software development companies, we provide extensive enterprise-wide software and integrated solutions that serve as a centralized vault for organizational information. E.g of such software include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems.
Development Software
eFAIDA Technology aims to develop inventive technical solutions that can be sold or conveyed to a more extensive user base. Our team delivers innovative solutions, facilitating seamless processes, flexibility valuable insights, and potential business opportunities rather than simple operations.
Enterprise development and Automation
Our organization aims to remain competitive, agile, technologically, and mechanically progressed in today’s dynamic business environment. We leverage innovative technologies and methodologies, we develop versatile, secure, and efficient solutions, automating routine tasks for enhanced productivity.


Choose What Suits You Best

Ideal for projects expecting changes or lacking clear requirements. Software development cost is determined by direct labor hours at a predefined hourly rate. Efficiently works when the client needs specific project parts off-loaded promptly.
Adaptable across a diverse spectrum of project types. Our dedicated team operates with unwavering commitment, meticulously overseen by our clients. Seamless team scaling is effortlessly achieved, eradicating the necessity for extensive hiring endeavors.
Efficiently working on projects with clear, stable, and established requirements. The app development cost is predetermined and discussed before project completion. Only predefined ‘milestones’ are charged, and payment is expected upon their completion.


Technology Stack We Offer

Web Development frameworks

Django, Ruby, Node.JS

DataBase Management

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Substantial experience aligns closely with mastering suitable toolsets.

Cloud Platform

AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP

Frontend Technology

React.JS, Angular, Vue.JS

Mobile Development

React Native, Flutter, Swift(IOS), Kotlin(Android

Backend Technology

Node.JS, Spring, ASP.NET

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Our purpose is to fabricate solutions that eliminate the hindrances keeping individuals from giving a valiant effort work, and this is at the core of how we approach our.
We urge each colleague to be an entire individual. We have an adaptable, high trust environment that is focused on accomplishing incredible work.
Our motivation is to build solutions that eliminate barriers keeping people from putting forth valiant effort work, and this is at the heart.
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