Drawing on our experience in development and methodologies, we can assemble a team of DevOps experts poised to enhance your project infrastructure, reduce your product time-to-market, and expedite development cycles. We can bring together a cross-functional team of engineers adept at merging DevOps and Agile approaches, rendering your development process more flexible and your project more reliable.


DevOps Solutions And Services We Offer

DevOps Services

Rush up your development life cycle and become more productive with our DevOps services. We specialize in applying DevOps operations and facilitating the delivery of improved software, and speeding up the development process to have high-quality software.


You can automate the build, test, and deploy processes of your services through our CI/CD solutions. We will help you shorten the development time and achieve more accurate product releases, which is full of potential market customers.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

The our IaC solutions can help you to make your infrastructure more efficient. We apply code in order to automate application deployment and infrastructure managing tasks along with the purpose of ensuring consistency and scalability.

Monitoring and Logging

Gain to your apps performance monitoring and logging services. We feature a tracking and metric system that keeps you on track and delivers the high performance and reliability you expect.



Select What is Appropriate for Your Business

devops services
Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Smart AI Assistants and Chatbots
Recommendation Engines
Predictive Analytics
Image and Video Intelligence


Enterprise Software Development

Efficient Cloud Infrastructure Management and Optimization

Manage & optimize the infrastructure well, which includes containers, storage, databases, networking, and more. Ensuring just and fair traffic flow while also guaranteeing release stability and resilience is part of infrastructure.

Seamless Automation and Scalability

It is necessary to maintain a level of automation which can be easy to scale for software development, testing, and deployments. Exploit cloud services to facilitate the development and operation (DevOps) pipeline creating an organization that is more efficient and agile.

Microservices Architecture for DevOps

Your microservices development, testing, and deployment process will be easily accessed through Devops which offers tailored architecture. This new strategy of businesses lets them transform big applications into small services, which run independently.

Serverless Services for Agile DevOps

Leverage serverless architecture to achieve joint contribution between the various locations of the DevOps team as well as other workgroups without impacting the environment. Automate infrastructure tasks and be update able to fix patch problems.

Automate Deployment Processes for Efficiency

Anslow your operations for most down-time by automagating deployment processes. The Agile methodology that we use assume the existence of a major cutting-edge time-saving in software production and deployment, thus minimising the extent of minor risk associated with plants production.

App Integration Planning and Management

We look forward to integrating your app with other complimentary tools implemented with data format and full fledged testing and security plans. We are far from the low-level development of integrations and towards taking the benefit of collaboration using OAuth plugins or vendor SDKs instead of being vendor locked-in at the source code level.


Why Trust eFAIDA with Your DevOps?

Development Process Automation
Many development processes are routine tasks that can be readily automated. A team of skilled DevOps engineers will enhance existing development cycles to minimize execution time while upholding the high quality of the final products.
Response Monitoring
The DevOps team will furnish tools to screen individual responses, simplify processes, and promptly respond to deviations from anticipated indicators. They will streamline the adjustment of your business offerings to market fluctuations, facilitating the release of improved product updates.
Lower Project Cost
Streamlining processes saves both time and money. Test automation and standardized development cycles enable early error detection and resolution. Engineers can redirect their efforts from trivial matters, allowing them to concentrate on more pressing tasks.


Technology Stack We Offer


Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka

Google Cloud

Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka


Substantial experience aligns closely with mastering suitable toolsets.

Amazon AWS

Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka

Private Cloud

Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka


Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka

Artificial intelligence

Hadoop, Druid, Spark, Kafka

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