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eFAIDA provides top-notch PHP development services customized to your specific requirements. Our proficient PHP developers are equipped with the expertise to create secure, scalable software solutions for various business needs. From web-based applications to enterprise solutions, we deliver cutting-edge PHP solutions to elevate your business.


Development of Cloud-Native PHP Applications

The adoption of cloud-native applications has become essential for businesses aiming to continuously innovate. Leveraging our proficient Java cloud development services, you can deploy cloud-ready applications that are scalable, secure, and resilient. Our developers are skilled in microservice architecture and use Docker for containerization, along with Kubernetes for efficient container orchestration. They employ AWS CloudFormation, Azure DevOps, and GCP for seamless cloud deployment.
Our developers are proficient in microservice architecture, utilizing Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for container orchestration. These technologies form the foundation for implementing a scalable, responsive, and performance-ready custom solution, such as the Client’s Integrated Omnichannel DSP and DMP. Additionally, our integration services enable you to seamlessly deploy cloud-native applications in third-party environments.

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Server Side Software Development


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Simplify Your PHP Developer Hiring Process

Hire Expert PHP Developers for Your Projects

Find skilled PHP developers to enhance your web development projects. Our optimized hiring process ensures you get the right talent for your team quickly.

Proficiency in PHP

Look for developers with a strong command of PHP and its frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, or CodeIgniter.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Hire developers who can troubleshoot and solve complex coding issues effectively.

Experience with Frontend Technologies

Seek developers who are proficient in frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Knowledge of Version Control Systems

Look for developers familiar with version control systems like Git for efficient code management.

Database Management Skills

Ensure candidates have experience working with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

Strong Communication Skills

Look for candidates who can communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with team members.


Full-cycle Methodology for Java
Product Development


When to Hire Dedicated Team

Industry Expertise

eFAIDA leverages its extensive industry knowledge to provide industry-leading PHP solutions that align with your business goals. Our hands-on experience spans across various industries, including AdTech, MarTech, Healthcare, EdTech, Hospitality, Logistics, Linear, and OTT TV. This expertise ensures that each of our PHP engineers is a top expert in their respective fields.

Technology Proficiency

Our PHP team offers a robust set of technologies with senior engineers having over 8 years of experience in PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter. We specialize in PHP development for platforms like PHP 5 and PHP 7, ensuring high performance, stability, and reliability. We carefully assess your requirements to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Transparent Process

We establish and nurture strong relationships with our clients. Through regular meetings, we discuss progress and plan our next actions. We believe that mutual involvement provides a shorter feedback loop and accelerates the development process. A transparent environment reduces risks and ensures timely and high-quality product delivery.

Agile Development

We implement Agile development best practices and methodologies to facilitate early and predictable delivery of PHP-based software. Emphasizing adaptability, we focus on continuously refining the product backlog in response to altered plans, iterations, or roadmaps.

Vast PHP Experience

With extensive experience in PHP development, we ensure the early and predictable delivery of PHP-based software. Emphasizing adaptability, we concentrate on continuously refining the product backlog in response to altered plans, iterations, or roadmaps.

Quality Control

We have synergized our extensive testing experience to prevent unexpected or problematic PHP solutions and produce high-quality PHP code at every stage of the SDLC. Our team of quality control experts uses rigorous testing procedures to ensure the premium quality of each product.

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Our purpose is to build solutions that remove the barriers preventing people from doing their best work, and this is at the heart of how we approach our.
We encourage every team member to be a whole person. We have a flexible, high trust environment that is focused on doing great work.
Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work, and this is at the heart.
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