Lighten the load of team management and ensure the accomplishment of your project objectives by engaging a dedicated software development team from eFAIDA. Meet deadlines and enjoy peace of mind with our committed and skilled professionals.

Might need to upgrade your software often or operate in a competitive market.

Might need to engage third-party specialists or integrated third-party services.

Have a large, complex project and marketing more time for development.

Meeting Your Requirements

Why Do Most of The Companies Choose Our Dedicated
Development Team Model?

Zero Recruitment Costs

Ease of Expanding

Unrivaled Engineering Expertise

Flexibility with Contro

Automating and Standardizing Business Processes

Centralized Knowledge and Immediate Access to Entire Data Landscape


Available for Hire

Selecting the appropriate software development partner is a crucial decision, and our company stands out in providing skilled professionals to bring your ideas to life. Our dedicated software developers guarantee business continuity through scalable digital products with a seamless setup process. When you opt for a dedicated remote development team from eFAIDA Technologies, you gain immediate access to our domain expertise and cutting-edge technology, which can be customized to suit your business project requirements and methodologies. Our commitment is to provide you with a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.
Requirements Gathering
Assembling the Team
Talent Selection
Integration and Managing the Team
Delivering Successfully
web and Mobile Software Development Services


Qualities We Seek in Every Candidate

web and Mobile Software Development Services
Expertise and Skills
Team Collaboration
Innovation and Creativity
Commitment to Quality
Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Ability Initiative
Professionalism Continuous Learning
Ready for IT staff augmentation?

Source and hire the perfect tech team for your company in no time with us! Write to us if you need to boost the development capacity or fill a gap in technology expertise.


Building Up a Dedicated Team


Expertise in Demand

In the dynamic world-wide, we encounter constant challenges. Our members, an invaluable asset, are supported by a dedicated development and a comprehensive portfolio for your business. Focused on staying ahead in tech headways, we ensure your organization not only adapts but leads in embracing innovative solutions.

Tailored Development Team

There is no need for you to spend endless time, conducting interviews or negotiating contracts because we take the time upfront to recruit qualified candidates who are well-suited for the project. We handle all the tasks, from interviews and hiring to training and retention. we provide efficiency for your project.

No Administrative Burden

We handle all aspects, including contracts, taxes, and payroll management, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Our expert engineers seamlessly integrate with a designated point of contact from the eFAIDA side. This ensures a smooth collaboration and allows you to remain focused on your business task.

Extensive Infrastructure

We have a great pool of talent who can be easily accessed. we can enter the perfect environment where they can grow professionally, allowing them to deliver outstanding work for you daily. This provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in our office culture enjoying direct access to diverse talent pools.


Our Dedicated Development Team
Model is Suited for

Our dedicated development team engagement models are ideal for long-term, complex projects that can address all your specified business requirements and help you get a clear product vision.

Organizations That Want to Mitigate Risks

When we hire a dedicated team of developers from eFAIDA, we will help you plan everything for your product development and even predict all possible development risks to mitigate them. Thus, you don’t carry the risk of developing products by yourself.

Companies That Need to Extend Expertise

Joining hands with eFAIDA Technologies will help you get professional experts on board who specialize in various spheres with the best technology and innovation and will take your company’s experience to the next level in this competitive market.

Businesses with a Large Project

It’s not easy for us to have an in-house team to handle a large project with multiple tasks and various requirements. Hence, our dedicated development team, model is the right fit for your business that needs to scale up and down the team on request.

What our clients have said about us!

Working in an IT company is intended to assist with ensuring that your information is protected and your computer runs at its best. The organization Access gives is important.

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Our purpose is to build solutions that remove the barriers preventing people from doing their best work, and this is at the heart of how we approach our.
We encourage every team member to be a whole person. We have a flexible, high trust environment that is focused on doing great work.
Our purpose is to build solutions that remove barriers preventing people from doing their best work, and this is at the heart.
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Design studio founded in London and expanded our services, and become a multinational firm, offering services and solutions.
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