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eFAIDA crafts high-performing apps for various platforms, ensuring your business stays competitive. Our team excels in addressing intricate business needs, having developed powerful iOS and Android, serving millions. As a top mobile development company, we prioritize seamless designs, functionalities, and security. Connect with our developers to bring your digital visions to life.
Mobile Development

Platforms We Support

Native and Cross-Platform Development

Native development
A meticulously tailored application designed for a particular platform, maximizing its unique strengths to the fullest extent.
Android Development
& IOS Development
Mobile app development
Cross-Platform Development
A proficiently crafted application designed to operate seamlessly across multiple mobile platforms simultaneously

Select What Matters for Your Business

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Payment Integration

Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile Analytics


Mobile Development Services

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Shoot for the sky with the mobile marketing solutions of our brand that helps you connect with users instantly by way of personalized campaigns and notifications.

Mobile Payment Integration

Automate your business transactions by providing your customers with mobile payment integration that is both secure and mobile checkout offering customers a convenience service on the device.

Mobile Website Optimization

Increase your outreach through a mobile-ready website that enables quick loading, smooth navigation and seamless user experience across smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices.

Mobile Analytics

Unravel the secret to user behavior and app performance with comprehensive mobile analytics, for informed data driven decision making to increase engagement and retention.


eFAIDA's Approach to Custom
Software Development


Why Choose eFAIDA for Your Software Development Needs

Industry Expertise
eFAIDA applies in-depth industry expertise to provide customized solutions aligned with your business goals. Our practical experience in AdTech, MarTech, EdTech, Linear and OTT TV, eCommerce, and Healthcare ensures that each application software developer is a leading expert in their specific domains.
Technology Proficiency
Our extensive experience allows us to build a strong technological framework. Our team of senior engineers has over 8 years of proficiency in diverse technologies such as Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, and more.we thoughtfully evaluate your requirements to deliver a high-performing and secure solution.
Transparent Process
As a premier custom software development company, we emphasize core areas of strength in collaboration with our clients. Through daily meetings, we firmly believe that promoting transparency, trustworthiness and mutual engagement accelerates the feedback cycle, expediting the development process.


Operating System(OS)

Android, IOS

Mobile Development

Android (Java, Kotlin), IOS(Swift, Objective-C)

Augmented and Virtual Reality

(Android) AR Core, (IOS) AR Kit, Google Cardboard, Oculus

Cross-Platform Development Frameworks

React Native, Flutter, Xamarin


Mobile Payment

NFC, Mobile Wallets

Mobile Web Technologies

HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript)

Mobile Security

MDM, Biometric Authentication

Mobile Database

SQLite, Realm

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Our purpose is to fabricate solutions that eliminate the hindrances keeping individuals from giving a valiant effort work, and this is at the core of how we approach our.
We urge each colleague to be an entire individual. We have an adaptable, high trust environment that is focused on accomplishing incredible work.
Our motivation is to build solutions that eliminate barriers keeping people from putting forth valiant effort work, and this is at the heart.
Increment social reach and efficiency with our Application Index, an assortment of well known applications like Instagram and other website compositions.
Improvised environment established in London, extended our IT services and became a global firm offering services and solutions.
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