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Dedicated WordPress Developer

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer in 1 Day with eFAIDA


The time spent, hiring an experienced WordPress developer is usually pretty long however, by using eFAIDA Technologies you have the chance to find the most suited developer that fits in your project in just a day. Our hiring procedure is very straight forward hence you will get the developer who seems to be the exact fit for your requirements and then who will start working on your project right away.

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer in 1 Day with eFAIDA Technologies

Are you considering giving your current WP site a make-over or you are building up a new website from scratch but the thought of time required brings with you frustration? At eFAIDA Technologies we are capable of providing you with the shortest delay possible not more than one day for the hiring of our WordPress specialist developer. Our team of fictional competent programmers can make your idea into reality and ensure your website is unique.

Why Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer?

Expertise: Our team of experts is comprised of WordPress specialists with years of knowledge in using this platform who do not fall behind the current trends and emerging technologies.

Customization: A web development crew can be given direct authority for the appearance and the operation of the site thus giving it the aspects and workflow that is desired.

Efficiency: Recruitment of a dedicated developer allows achieving a fast turnaround and smooth communication—the project will be done on time and to your satisfaction.

Cost-Effective: Both the full-time employee and dedicated developer would cost the same, given the same project requires close monitoring. However, a committed programmer would be more practical in terms of a short-term assignment.

Support and Maintenance: Our highly qualified developers have all the necessary fixes and enhancements for your website, thereby keeping it secure and current.

How Our Hiring Process Works
Dedicated WordPress Developer | Submit Your Requirements

Submit Your Requirements: Provide all they need to know by filling out our online form with your project details.

Review and Selection: We will assess your needs and assign you the most suitable developer/development team that can deliver a customized product to you.

Interview: Through interviewing the developer, you will not only choose but also come to the agreement that the developer is convenient for you.

Onboarding: When you are through and all is well, the developer will be onboarded and will be offered to start doing the project the very day.

How to Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer in 1 Day

Contact Us: Be in touch with eFAIDA Technologies to give your specifications and project deadlines.

Discuss Your Needs: At our meeting, your ment of a qualified WordPress developer will be going over your needs and he’s the one who will be the best fit for your project.

Start Development: After you approve them for the job, they can start exactly with the development scopes of your project.

Regular Updates: You will update regularly on the development of your project so that whatever you decide to accomplish is at par with your expectations.

Completion: The project will be done by the set timeframe, and you will have an already functioning WordPress website that is fully operational to launch.


When you choose eFAIDA Technologies, you get an advantage in hiring a fully dedicated WordPress developer whose work is fast, simple, and qualified enough. We hire only the best developers in only 1 day and you will see your project’s website being built then.

FAQs about Hiring a Dedicated WordPress Developer

Q1. How do I get started with hiring a dedicated WordPress developer in 1 day?

All you need to do, we promise to bring your venture to life, is to get in touch with us at eFAIDA Technologies with your project specifications and we’ll get you an individual developer who can start working on your project without any delay.

Q2. What qualifications do your dedicated WordPress developers have?

The coding languages of our developers are HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, relevant to the site development. On top of that, they have been proficiently using WordPress for years.

Q3. Can I request changes to the website during the development process?

Certainly, you are allowed to ask for any alterations at any phase of the site construction. Our technicians are pliable and put your needs as number one.

Q4. What kind of support do you provide after the website is completed?

Our team keeps your website updated with security patches, speed upgrades, content changes as well as any essential maintenance that might be required.

Q5. How do you ensure the security of my custom WordPress website?

We don’t compromise with the WordPress security protocols such as regular updates, safe hosting, and installing security plugins to ensure your website keeps on stand from security threats.Do not waste any more time. Start to change your WordPress site now. Drop a line for eFAIDA Technologies today to snap up a dedicated WordPress developer within 1 day!

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