Transforming Your Business with DevOps as a Managed Service


DevOps as a managed service sometimes shortened as  DaaMS is not simply a trend but an adequate model that holds a potential for changing the existing conditions in the sphere of your company’s activity. Capgemini argues that outsourcing the management of DevOps practices implies several advantages that create value, increase incremental efficiency, and support change. 

In this article, the author discusses DevOps with a subheading detailing how it as a managed service can impact your business and ways to successfully implement it to stand out from the competition in today’s business environment.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

In general, it is possible to single out that one of the major values of DevOps as a managed service for your business is definitely the ability to increase the speed of your time-to-market. It also means that contracted service providers know their trade, are equipped with all the right tools, and can suitably refine your development workflows to such a state that errors are eradicated and instead of spending minutes, if not hours on a particular task, you can get your products and features to market quicker.

Improved Collaboration and Communication

When DevOps is offered as a managed service, the focus is on bringing together the development team, the operations team, and any other stakeholder. Through de-siloing the working environment and implementing a culture of cross-functional cooperation, the prospects of getting the formula right are high since you are likely to notice that there is a marked decline in the number of bottlenecks in your production line, as well as a notable upgrade in the quality of what you are delivering to your customers.

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Integration with MSPs is effective in that managed service providers provide solutions that may be easily adapted to suit a company’s expanding needs. Whether you are witnessing speedy growth or encountering some sudden issues, DevOps as a managed service holds the potential to meet all the demands of scalability and uncertainty to make you stand ahead of your competitors.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a third party to manage your DevOps practices can also be beneficial from the financial point of view as a number of costs can be optimized. This way, you save the costs of hiring and educating employees, buying and maintaining the necessary physical and digital infrastructure, as well as dealing with the intricacies of managing numerous tools and processes that constitute DevOps.

DevOps as a Managed Service | Focus on Innovation and Core Competencies
Focus on Innovation and Core Competencies

In essence, outsourcing your DevOps practices means that your internal teams are no longer bogged down with managing the practices and instead are able to concentrate on what they do best: Building value and bringing innovation to your customer base. Outsourcing DevOps as a managed service can help to free up your time, money, and efforts for the projects that will help to remain a step ahead in the highly competitive and saturated market.


The provision of DevOps as a managed service (DaaMS) defines an efficient way of doing business as it helps to optimize the development processes, enhance communications, and ultimately increase the speed of delivering new solutions to the market. By transitioning the orchestration of DevOps practices to a third-party vendor, businesses are also able to achieve improved competitive advantage, agility, and cost optimization since they are able to concentrate more on the value chain activities that create value for customers. 

Hence, as companies adapt and extend in today’s highly innovative networked environment, DaaMS becomes the solution that provides the real tempo for business improvement and development. With the support and help of managed service providers, businesses can enhance and optimize most aspects of their operations, thus achieving market leadership and better-serving customer needs.

FAQs about DevOps as a Managed Service
  1. What is DevOps as a managed service?

    DevOps as a managed service (DaaMS) means the fact that DevOps solutions are being outsourced. This means defining, establishing, and continuously improving assets, methodologies, methods, and procedures for improving both software development and IT processes.
  2. How can DevOps as a managed service transform my business?

    The implementation of DaaMS can change your business by increasing new product delivery velocity, expanding communication and co-ordinate among the people, increasing adaptability and flexibility decreasing costs, and giving more of an opportunity to re-focus on important skills.
  3. Is DevOps as a managed service suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, as has been indicated above DaaMS can well be applicable in different enterprises regardless of their size. Due to this, MSP can be availed in a very flexible manner to suit individual needs and financial capacities of the True Clients.
  4. What are the key benefits of using DevOps as a managed service?

    These are about faster time to market, better relationships and communication, improved capability to scale up or down, cost savings, and leverage core competencies.
  5. How does DevOps as a managed service promote collaboration and communication?

As a part of their services, the managed service providers provide ways on how development, operations, and other significant parties would be aware of the proceedings and objectives being laid down.

  1. Can DevOps as a managed service help my business stay competitive in the market?
    Indeed, implementing the DaaMS approach can make your business more competitive since it will cut down the time-to-market greatly, minimize product flaws, and allow a suitable response to potential shifts in demand.

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