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Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer for Custom Site Development


Seeking the help of an array of WordPress developer can be an advantage for companies that would like to develop a unique website for their business. Employing developers alongside will make it possible to develop your website according to the exact requirements and under your complete control making it unique. eFAIDA Technologies has a team of professionals who can develop WordPress sites, with the necessary level of expertise and experience. These are the people who will make your dream come true.

Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer for Custom Site Development

If you need a unique WordPress site that impresses users that’s what we can do for you. Through our eFAIDA Technologies website development, we provide a professional team of WordPress developers who are highly skilled and able to build customized functional websites with exceptional visual designs that address your specific requirements. No matter if you run a small business and need to build your online foundation or if you are a major corporation and have many complex websites to build, our skilled web developers will always be by your side.

Why Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer?

Expertise: We, at our company, have a proficient WordPress team that has years of experience with the product and continuously learns the new changes in trends and technologies.

Customization: You own your website design and functionality completely, what this means is you are in a position to dictate the design you want while still ensuring it meets the required criterion.

Hire a Dedicated WordPress | WordPress Developer

Efficiency: Contracting a full-time dev implies faster handoff and clearer instructions as only you are working on the project which thus encourages you to give them all the attention they need to finish their tasks perfectly.

Cost-Effective: A full-time worker will be a better choice than a developer for complicated tasks. For short-term projects, it will be the contrary; namely, a contractor is preferable to permanent hiring.

Support and Maintenance: The professional maintenance and support of your website by the people, who developed it, cover any eventuality of an insecure environment or old code while it is alive and remains updated.


To be sure of a perfect custom-developed WordPress webpage to your specifications and to surpass your expectations, you can hire a WordPress developer professionally from eFAIDA Technologies. When it comes to eFAIDA Technologies as your professional developers, affordable pricing, and world-class customer support then you have a perfect match for your custom site development.

FAQs About Hiring a Dedicated WordPress Developer

Q1. How does the hiring process work at eFAIDA Technologies?

A: To avail of the services of a certified WordPress developer, just get in touch with eFAIDA Technologies via the website with all the details of your project. The team will then proceed by playing the role of matchmaker which will result in pairing you with an appropriate developer.

Q2. Can I choose the developer I want to hire?

A: Yes, eFAIDA Technologies enables you to decide who you prefer to work with among the developers as they are driven by their expertise.

Q3. What qualifications and experience do your dedicated developers have?

A: Our dev team, the dedicated guys, have a minimum of 5 years of experience in developing custom-designed websites using the WordPress platform and hold degrees in programming.

Q4. What is the cost of hiring a dedicated WordPress developer?

A: The payment for a WordPress developer who is committed might be different depending on whether he is an expert and the dimension of the task. eFAIDA Technologies is unique in that it offers a holistic approach to ensure that the price is right for you!

Q5. Can I communicate directly with the dedicated developer?

A: Yes, you can have face-to-face communication with the specific developer or the team in general to clarify requirements, get feedback, and ask questions.

Q6. How long does it take to hire a dedicated WordPress developer?

A: The time for hiring specialists in WordPress development is different for each project, and is determined by the availability of developers, and the degree of your work complexity. eFAIDA Technologies’ primary goal is to unite you with a highly skilled engineering professional as fast as we can.

Q7. Do I need to sign a contract when hiring a dedicated WordPress developer?

A: Indeed, eFAIDA Tech requires its prospective clients to submit a written contract where the core terms and conditions of the hiring arrangement are clearly stated.

Q8. Can I hire a dedicated WordPress developer for ongoing maintenance and support?

A: Yes, you can hire a dedicated WordPress developer to handle continuing maintenance and provide support that will leave your site always up-to-date and secure.

Q9. What happens if I am not satisfied with the dedicated developer’s work?

A: A disappointed dedicated developers’ platform will come in handy to iron out any issues and facilitate a round of happy clients.

Q10. How do I get started with hiring a dedicated WordPress developer?

A: One can contact eFAIDA Technologies to request assistance by raising your requirements. Our team will walk you through all the hiring mechanisms.

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