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Tips for Estimating Costs | Developing Mobile Apps

Tips for Estimating Costs When Developing Mobile Apps | eFAIDA TECH


One increases the cost of developing a mobile app by going through all of the stages, from planning to the final deployment. A true understanding of these costs and keeping budgeting effectively will be an essential factor for the project of app development to be successful. This text is oriented around different cost estimation and budgeting tips which will help you address your app development budget in the most appropriate way

1. Cost Estimation Methods

Bottom-Up Estimation: This method appraises the project by dividing it into small tasks individually considering the cost for each. Ultimately, the costs are added to arrive at the total project cost. The agile method of developing software is for projects with requirements that are well-defined

Top-Down Estimation: Using this strategy means that the overall project cost is forecast using the past or making expectancy of experts. This could be efficient by taking less time, but on the other hand, it could not be as accurate as with the bottom-up estimation.

Analogous Estimation: The analogous estimation takes place when an underlying project is compared to previous projects done similarly, and their costs are used as the groundwork for the estimation of the cost of the current project. Organizing is highly adaptable to the situation when one has little detail on the ongoing project.

Budgeting Tips | Developing Mobile Apps
2. Budgeting Tips

Define Clear Requirements: Creating definitive preconditions for your app beforehand can save finances that would be spent on redrawing the development process later. Co-operate with your development team transferring all the trivial and crucial aspects to each member of the team.

Prioritize Features: Identify and assign urgent status to features that must be implemented in the app. This could enable you to do so intelligently, budget for the core functions first, and then work to improve it.

Consider Outsourcing: Delegating certain details of your app development to entering different areas like design or testing reduces costs. Explore the direction of work cooperation with the offshore or nearshore teams for cost-sharing purposes.

3. FAQs

1. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The mobile app development cost range widely is dominated by factors such as the app capability, the platforms it is being developed for, and the location of the development team. And then, it’s a usual fact that a simple generate of the app costs $5,000 to $50,000 on average, while the more complex generates scaled above $100,000.

2. What are some common cost overruns in app development projects?

One of the most common reasons behind financial overruns in software development projects is the change in the scope of the project itself, the technological issues that may arise during implementation, or delays in the development process. Additionally, several unexpected cost overruns and timing delays are common in such activities. Therefore, taking these into account when you’re planning a budget and a schedule is crucial.

3. How can I reduce the cost of app development without compromising on quality?

There are many particulars on how to upkeep the costs of app development without compromising quality. Such tasks can e.g. be outsourced, technologies from open sources be used, and it should be made clear that the top priority is to provide the base functionality of the app first.


Proper cost estimating and budgeting are leading factors that will determine the outcome of your mobile app undertaking. By choosing proper methods of estimation, assessing features, and setting a budget, you guarantee that the development of the app keeps on track and stays within the budget.

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