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Which CRM for Roofing is Best | Custom vs. Online Solutions?


The use of a CRM for Roofing system is vital for any roofing business because it means great success. However, the options available – custom-built software and CRM solutions accessible online – give us a headache solving them. This article discusses the pros and cons of two approaches without having you pick an unsuitable CRM platform for a roofing company.

Custom CRM for Roofing: A Tailored Fit

Custom CRM software is a unique one that is customized to your company’s needs and business processes. This delivers tangible value by completely managing functions and all the data for seamless routine realization. Below, we have put together the advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Highly Customizable: Customize the features and assignments to perfectly align with your business needs as far as rooftop business is concerned. Compatibility of the system should be with tools such as estimators and accounting software that you are already using.
  2. Scalability: Create an easy-to-use and be easily accommodated by your growing business CRM. Add features to your product as your company grows, and grant more access to your users.
  3. Security: Consign all data security problems to the past with a proprietary, also on-premise, CRM solution.


  1. High Cost: Creating a custom digital marketing strategy entails investing time and money for an upfront design as well as for development and maintenance purposes.
  2. Time Commitment: The development of custom CRM might be a time-consuming process and thus may likely slow the solution and the benefits yielded.
  3. Technical Expertise: It may be a wise investment to plan for in-house IT personnel who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the individual CRM system.
Online CRM for Roofing: Ready-to-Use Solutions

The user of an online CRM solution, a term frequently abbreviated as SAAS, is a ready-to-implement platform with all the special features. Pros and Cons Let’s begin with an overview of the pros and cons of boycotting social media with the advantages that come along:


  1. Cost-Effective: Through paying subscription-based charges even organizations with low budgets budgets can now afford such services. The initial amount of the money is not necessary.
  2. Faster Implementation: Online CRMs are often easily accessible and configurable and this implies that you can start reaping the benefits of them as soon as possible.
  3. Scalability: Usually, online CRM platforms constantly follow industry standards by offering scalable plans that let you add users or more functionalities as your company grows bigger and stronger.
  4. Automatic Updates: The vendor is responsible for installing and configuring the entire package, and the support team is available for any future upgrades or assessments. These services further absolve the IT team from the need to handle the system.


  1. Limited Customization: In terms of focusing on roofing-specific functionalities, online CRMs fall short of the custom-made system that can take on any customization you wish.
  2. Data Security Considerations: The data that is stored is kept on the distributor’s servers. Implement effective data reliability strategies as the CRM provider for the sake of your customers’ privacy and prosperity.
  3. Vendor Lock-In: The difficulty of moving data from one online CRM system to another is one of the challenges of switching Oracle CRM solutions.
Choosing-the-Right-CRM-for-Your-Roofing-Business_-Key-Consideration | CRM for Roofing
Choosing the Right CRM for Your Roofing Business: Key Considerations

Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Budget: While bespoke CRM development involves a sizeable monetary outlay, providers of online CRM systems supply monthly subscriptions at reasonable prices.
  2. Business Needs: Find out what lead management, project management, and request management features you exactly need.
  3. Technical Expertise: Check if you have the proper technical expertise and possibilities to create and maintain a sophisticated solution.
  4. Scalability: Find the option, that can grow with your business, for instance, a customized system is advisable or if it is a cloud-based solution, then one should also see if the system comes with users as well as features fir for the upgrade in the future.
  5. Data Security: Data security should be of high priority you should choose whether be an on-premise custom solution or a cloud-based online CRM.
5 FAQs About Choosing the Right CRM for Roofing

Q1. Is a custom CRM always better than an online CRM?

Not necessarily. Customized CRM provides full control; however, this design requires more effort with regard to financial investments and requires specific tech skills. Online CRMs compare favorably as they are both economical and fast to get to use, but they can’t attain full customization, nevertheless. Select the plan that suits both your cost and the technological skills.

Q2. Can online CRMs integrate with my existing software?

An integration feature or compatibility for the third-party platform is often available in online CRM solutions that collaborate with your existing estimating, accounting, or other essential software.

Q3. How secure is data in online CRM solutions?

Hence, well-known CRM online providers give the issue of customer data safety a high degree of attention. Thoroughly research platforms that provide industry norm-stipulated security measures like encryption and access level control.

Q4. Do I need to train my team on using a new CRM system?

For sure, in the case of any form of CRM whether customized or online, proper training of your team is central for seamless adaption and harnessing the benefits due to the system.

Q5. What if my needs change after implementing a CRM system?

Both specialized and ready-to-use CRM systems offer some flexibility for scaling. The full CRM is the other name for adding mechanisms, and you can determine them, and these will be developed further. Online CRMs have upgrade plans once which will contain the next-level features or user access.

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